Put your biotech skills to work in Canada’s bio-economy

Are you immigrating to Canada with skills and experience in biotechnology?  If you are a medical, health or science professional new to Canada and you have foreign credentials and experience, you may have the skills to work in Canada’s bio-economy.


Through the BioSkills Recognition Program, you can showcase your abilities to employers in Canada’s growing biotech sector.  Developed by BioTalent Canada, the BioReady™ mark program lets employers know you have the capabilities and understanding to work in Canada’s bio-economy.  If you are a FAST participant and complete the online modules, you can access this for FREE (a $200 value).


Here’s how:

1) Complete the FAST online modules and receive a code to access the BioSkills Recognition Tool for free.

2) Create an online portfolio of your skills online. A team of biotech professionals will review your skillset and credentials.

3)  Once successfully validated, and you are recognized as BioReady™, you will be added to BioSkills Match, BioTalent Canada’s database of job seekers. Employers looking for skilled candidates can see that you are labelled BioReady and will know that you have the skills and experience to work in Canada’s bio-economy.


What are the features of the BioSkills Recognition Program?

  • Personalized BioSkills Recognition Portfolio online tool to highlight your skills
  • The BioSkills Portfolio takes only 1-2 hours to complete
  • Web-accessible anywhere, anytime, and you don’t have to complete it in one sitting
  • The BioSkills Transfer Tool easily identifies skills you can transfer from other professions like traditional manufacturing, medicine, nursing, veterinary, etc.
  • After your BioSkills Recognition Portfolio gets reviewed and approved by the BioReady Review Board, you will receive the industry recognized BioReady designation

What are the Benefits of being BioReady™?

  • Successfully transfer your skills from another industry with the BioSkills Transfer Tool
  • Showcase your skills to employers with an industry-wide recognized BioReady™ certificate
  • Have your profile added to the BioSkills Match database of job seekers and get noticed by employers looking to recruit talented workers
  • Have the advantage over other job seekers with the BioReady™ status

Why it works

Our partner, BioTalent Canada builds partnerships within the biotech and life science sectors. Employers looking for candidates in the BioSkills Match database are already convinced of the benefits of hiring immigrants.  The BioReady™ designation gives employers the extra reassurance that the candidates within BioSkills Match have been pre-screened and have the skills and experience to work in Canada’s bio-economy.


Are you enrolled in FAST? Showcase your skills to employers by becoming BioReady™! Complete the online modules by logging back in to your account at www.fastbc.org and receive you access code today.

If you have not registered in FAST yet and for additional questions, email fastbc@iecbc.ca.


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