FAST empowers newcomers to launch their careers in Canada

FAST has now served over 600 participants in skilled trades, biotech and life sciences, and IT and data services. The program empowers newcomers to land meaningful employment.

With participants in our pre-arrival program now beginning to land in Canada, IEC-BC’s Facilitating Access to Skilled Talent (FAST) is seeing significant results. Recent evaluation within FAST participants point to a success rate of 67% of landed clients finding work in their field between 1-4 weeks upon arrival. Of these workers, incomes range between $38,605 to $97,000 – a huge leap in the employment outcomes of newcomers.

Studies conducted by IRCC’s Research and Evaluation Branch note that the median entry wages of immigrant tax filers who landed in 2014 were $24,000 in 2015, the highest on record for immigrants who have landed since 1981. The research stated further that there is a substantial increase in the gap between the low-income rates for immigrants and those born in Canada (The Longitudinal Immigration Database, 2015).

A career preparation program such as FAST can substantially help lower this income gap.

FAST gives skilled immigrants a head start in the Canadian labour market, all before actually moving to Canada. Along with information about the Canadian workplace, the online program provides immigrants with a comprehensive assessment of their competencies that includes recommendations to improve their knowledge when needed in specific areas as well as alternative careers where their skills are in demand.

Through these career preparation tools, FAST builds a job-ready talent pool, which means immigrants have a clear career path, empowering them with a strategy to go for the jobs that match their level of skills and experience.

Canada’s most comprehensive occupation-based pre-arrival employment services program for immigrants, FAST has now served over 600 participants in skilled trades, biotech and life sciences, and IT and data services.

Among them is Zhang Wei (name changed for client’s privacy), a clinical cancer research specialist from China. He has a doctorate in oncological research and over five years of experience in his field. He completed FAST shortly before landing in December 2018 and received his BioReady designation, a skills validation tool provided by BioTalent Canada.

According to Zhang, FAST has helped him set a detailed plan for his job search. “Thanks to the knowledge I learnt from FAST… I have successfully landed a desirable job in my own field at the University of Montreal. I strongly recommend other newcomers in Canada to participate in the FAST Program,” he said.


FAST has a pool of job-ready internationally trained talent that can help your business succeed. Connect with skilled newcomers like Zhang. Sign up here or email to learn more.

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