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FAST empowers newcomers to launch their careers in Canada

With participants in our pre-arrival program now beginning to land in Canada, IEC-BC’s Facilitating Access to Skilled Talent (FAST) is seeing significant results. Recent evaluation within FAST participants point to a success rate of 67% of landed clients finding work in their field between 1-4 weeks upon arrival. Of these workers, incomes range between $38,605 […]

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Starting strong in Canada’s Tech Industry: Insights from a tech co-founder

Canada’s tech sector is growing. The Information & Communications Technology Council’s (ICTC) Labour Market Outlook projects around 216,000 digital talent demand by 2021, highlighting that skilled immigrants are key in filling this labour gap.  However, the job market is competitive, and newcomers need to be well prepared to find meaningful employment in Canada.   Earlier […]

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