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Recruiting Global Talent in a Skills-Based Economy: Findings from the 2022 SPRINT Employer Focus Group

Skilled immigrants have struggled to know how their international education or competencies are being evaluated and recognized during the hiring process. It can often be difficult for internationally trained talent to know what skills, education, or even experience employers are looking for when hiring in Canada. Understanding this gap, Canadian employers have been seeking new […]

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FAST empowers newcomers to launch their careers in Canada

With participants in our pre-arrival program now beginning to land in Canada, IEC-BC’s Facilitating Access to Skilled Talent (FAST) is seeing significant results. Recent evaluation within FAST participants point to a success rate of 67% of landed clients finding work in their field between 1-4 weeks upon arrival. Of these workers, incomes range between $38,605 […]

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Homegrown Program Puts Global Skills to Work in BC

British Columbia has a new tool to help fill some of the 934,000 job openings expected through 2025. The Immigrant Employment Council of British Columbia (IEC-BC) announces the expansion of FASTBC.ORG to help skilled immigrants become better prepared for work in Canada, and connect employers with internationally trained workers. Initially designed to facilitate access to […]

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