Working in Culinary Arts in Canada

Canada expects to create hundreds of thousands on jobs over the next ten years. Experienced and internationally trained immigrant workers, who have specialized skills and are planning to move to Canada, could help fill labour shortages arising from a retiring workforce.


FAST lets you access services that will help you gain employment or prepare for certification in your occupation in Canada both before and after you arrive in Canada.


Though you may have much of the knowledge and skills needed to work in your occupation in your home country, a better understanding of working in the Canadian workplace will help prepare you for your new work environment.

There could be as many as 2.29 million tourism and hospitality jobs across Canada by 2035. Current projections show that approximately 240,000 of these jobs will not have people to fill them, leaving ample opportunity for new immigrants to build a rewarding career and quickly gain new skills and responsibilities.

Food and beverage services and recreation and entertainment employers will be particularly looking for skilled people to add to their teams, but all industry groups and all regions across Canada will offer professional opportunities.


For more information about employment trends in the tourism sector in Canada, visit the Tourism HR Canada Labour Market Information research section.



Tourism and Hospitality Industry Sectors


There are five sectors generally considered in the tourism and hospitality industry – these are:

  • Accommodation – Hotels, Motels, and other short term and overnight accommodation
  • Food and Beverage – Restaurants, Pubs, and Bars
  • Recreation and Entertainment – Attractions, Ski Hills, Museums, Sports and Entertainment Facilities
  • Transportation – Passenger and sightseeing transportation by air, water, rail, or vehicle
  • Travel Services – Coordinating and planning of business and leisure travel, such as travel agents, destination marketing organizations, and visitor services



The FAST Culinary Arts module provides information on general workplace skills that people need for working in the Culinary Arts occupations. These skills are often referred to as ‘essential’ or ‘soft’ skills. Online lessons are provided for you to review and improve your knowledge in these areas.



The FAST Prepare for Work in Canada, content will enable you to:


  • identify a variety of culinary occupations in Canada
  • outline the employment and credentialing requirements for your occupation in Canada
  • describe occupational education and training opportunities in Canada
  • describe essential skills and safety requirements of the Canadian workplace
  • describe workplace culture and communication in the Canadian workplace



After completing the Prepare for Work in Canada module, you will be able to assess your Culinary Arts technical knowledge and skills against the competencies required for various occupations in food services in Canada.

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